School Culture

A uniform and intentionally acceptable way of greeting ------ boys bow, and girls curtsy with smiles on their faces.

  • Leadership by example.
  • Preparedness in all aspects of life.
  • Inculcating the seven habits of successful people in all aspect of school life.

  • Read a book a week.
  • Write the Nelson handwriting.
  • Speak in the right diction.
  • Be articulate and confident.

Refiners schools employ the 21st century disciplinary measures like assertive discipline, detention etc. to ensure a minimal level of disruptive behaviours from students. However, the school will summon the parent or guardian of any erring students in severe cases of misconduct.

  • Students are expected to do their homework promptly and submit same when due.
  • Students who default in homework completion will be compelled to stay back after school.
  • Students who habitually default in the completion of their homework will attract disciplinary measures. in the completion of their homework will attract disciplinary measures.

  • Students are encouraged to maintain positive relationship with their peers to foster sense of belonging in every student within the school community.
  • It is a standing rule that boys should behave themselves appropriately with the opposite gender, promoting self control during and after interactions with the girls and as such avoid any playfulness that will lead to explicit and suggestive body contacts or touching of sensitive organs of the opposite gender, and also the girls must carry themselves with a sense of dignity and consciousness of their distinct uniqueness in order to avoid exploitation of the opposite gender, and completely avoid anything that can lead to such scenario as explained above.
  •  Dating is forbidden, as it is required of students to focus on the sole purpose why they are in school. Anyone caught, will face strict disciplinary actions

School Times

Opening Times

  • The school opens from 7.00 am.
  • Students are expected to be in school by 7:30 am.
  • Each school day begins with the assembly by 7:45 am.

Closing Times

  • The school closes by 3:00 pm daily.
  • Extra-curricular activities hold every Friday.


Modalities of the Extra-curricular activities will be communicated to parents.

School Events & Celebrations

  • For internal school event students are to adhere to the stipulated dress code (Sport T –shirt on a Jean)
  • Girls: Use of Hair Extensions, fixing of weave on, coloured hair are prohibited.
  • Boys: Designed hair cut, braiding or weaving are prohibited.

  • Celebrants are allowed to be dressed decently in the white sport T – shirt and a Jean.
  • During a birthday celebration any of the items can be brought to school by the celebrant to share with classmates at provided lunch time: Books, Cake, Pizza, Drinks
  • Party packs or gift items are NOT allowed.

Health and Wellbeing

To promote routines and habits that enhances the general wellbeing in students and to curb frivolous use of money, the school has stipulated the following policies.

  • Eating and drinking is NOT allowed in certain places which includes laboratories, library, hall and when walking about the school.
  • Students are expected to have lunch in their classrooms.

No alcoholic drink is expected to be consumed by any student. Any student caught possessing any alcoholic beverage or food will be liable to expulsion.

  • Any student who has symptoms of fever, cough, cold or any symptoms of ill health is advised to stay home till such child is well and fit to return to school.
  • Students who bring medicines to school must hand them over to the School Nurse on arrival, together with written instructions as to their use from their home doctor or parents. However, any student feeling unwell is advised to stay at home until when such student is confirmed fit enough to be in school.
  • Under no circumstances should students provide or pass on medicines to other students.

Classroom and Social Behaviours

  • Chairs should be moved away from the walls in the classroom. On no account should a student lean on the wall in the classroom.
  • Students should sit with the legs properly placed under the desk not striding the desk.

  • REFINERS SCHOOLS has zero tolerance to bullying. Therefore, all members of REFINERS SCHOOL community are expected to base their behaviour on respect for others, regardless of differences in age, status, physical ability, belief, ethnic group, race, or gender.
  • Bullying, whether physical, verbal, or mental always constitutes an assault, is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • Demanding or taking items of any kind (including food), belonging to other students using age, status, or any form of threat, stated or implied, is regarded as bullying. In extreme cases, it may be punished by suspension, or ultimately expulsion.
  • Students who are bullied are encouraged to approach the school management or any member of staff and lay their complaint.
  • The use of threatening language or verbal abuse, which contravenes the School’s Anti-Bullying Policy on any bases, will NOT be tolerated and will be sternly dealt with.

The use of foul language is prohibited and the use of any of such will attract disciplinary actions.

  • Students placed in detention rooms are expected to comply with the laid down rules.
  • A member of staff is always present to monitor students serving detention. Children not in detention are not allowed in detention rooms except if instructed by the on-duty staff.

Students placed in school community service are expected to observe required duties when given.

  • The following areas are out of bounds:
    The School Gate: students are not allowed to go near the school gate (entrance or exit point) at any time during the school day; except they have obtained permission to go home and are with parent or caregiver.
  • The Powerhouse: Students are not allowed near the Generating Plant house at any time.
  • Any building under construction or repair.
  • Laboratories: except under supervision by staff.
  • The Wildlife Educational Centre is OUT OF BOUNDS for students unless guided by a member of staff.



  • Students are instructed to keep their hands to themselves when walking along the corridors or in any room.
  • Do not touch walls or railings when walking.
  • Do not peel or pull the decorations on the wall or the board.
  • Do not remove or tear off anything placed on the notice board.

  • Students should have with them all necessary stationaries such as Pens, Pencils, Ruler, Erasers.
  • Books should be handled properly.
  • Students should possess a file for all documents (which may include letters from school, worksheets, and any other information).
  • Students should ensure that names and surnames be written on every personal item.

Extension class is a compulsory session for all students in Year 11 and Year 10 classes. This usually will hold during the long/summer holiday for a period of four weeks. The time table and expected fee will be communicated prior to vacation and the dress code must comply with the moral standards of the school (Any child who dresses inappropriately will not be allowed into the school premises).


Gadgets are allowed for communication purposes only for students who follow their parents/guardian to school and also the use of the gadgets are restricted to the minimal level of making and receiving calls from their parents/guardian.


  • To develop the sense of duty and punctuality in the students, they are encouraged to always be on time for every activity held in school. Students are expected to be punctual to assemblies, lessons and school functions. Therefore, lateness is highly discouraged.
  • Students brought by their parents should endeavour to be in school before Assembly, as lateness will attract some penalties.


  • Students are not to be found walking casually on the school hall/corridor. A trip to the bathroom must be prompt. Careless or carefree strolling will not be tolerated.
  • Hanging out around the school premises will NOT be tolerated as well.
  • Running on the corridors is not allowed and will not be tolerated.


  • All students MUST attend assembly.
  • Students should be on the designated assembly ground by 7:40am.
  • Students are required to attend assembly with their Bibles and their Hymnals on designated days.

Daily Activities include:

  • Monday – News/ Hygiene inspection.
  • Tuesday – Video Assembly (Indoor Assembly).
  • Wednesday – Student-Led Assembly.
  • Thursday – Presentation.
  • Friday – Special Presentations

  • Students on trips, expeditions, sport, activities etc. are all bound by the same rules as if they were at School.
  • Any serious breach in conduct while on a school trip would attract disciplinary measures.

  • Students are not advised or allowed to bring ICT gadgets to the school. This includes items such as DVD players, iPods, PDA’s, iPads, mp3 players, mobile phones etc. If these are brought to school, they would be confiscated and WILL not be returned.
  • The school boast of a well-equipped ICT laboratory, hence students would not be asked to bring Laptops or pads into school. However, there might be few exceptions where they may be required to come into school with laptops, in which case, the school would express such with a written communication.