Head of School Welcome

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Welcome to Refiners Schools

At Refiners School every child is our priority, hence, we are concerned with the all-round development of your child in an enabling environment for learning where they are guided and motivated to achieve their dreams. We are dedicated to raising a generation of leaders in the society with impeccable academic and moral

The generation of children we are raising today have to be prepared to adapt to the challenges of the diverse and global society. We have state of the art facilities, dedicated and qualified staff that aid hands-on learning which transforms the imparted scholarly knowledge into practical skills.

Our school programs transcends beyond outstanding education for your child(ren) to an amazing array of opportunities for students to explore their
interests, discover their passions, and develop the talents to pursue their dreams.

Our rich curriculum engages, challenges, and supports each student on a journey of self-discovery. Students are imbued with a championship attitude and a
competitive spirit which makes our school program exceptional.

I invite you to partner with us in raising the next generation of leaders across all spheres of life.

Mrs. Adeola Eresanya

Head of School