Canteen & Lunch

School Lunch

The school offers enriched lunch served with variety of fruits and vegetables to students who have enrolled for this service. Details on the amount to be paid and how to enroll can be obtained from the school’s office.

Lunch Break

  • Students are expected to have their personal placemats and/or napkins during lunch.
  • This would be placed on their tables when eating.
  • Students would not be allowed to have lunch in their classroom without a placemat/napkin. 
  • The school recommends that students come with fruits as snacks on the stipulated fruits days (Wednesdays and Fridays). No junk foods will be allowed in the school on such days.


The Canteen is available for students to obtain certain snacks or food when available.

  • The school prohibits that, items such as sweets/chewing gum and fizzy drinks/soda be sold to students.
  • Students will NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE CASH in the school canteen. Parents would be required to purchase vouchers – this is to curb frivolous spending habits and the consumption of junk food.
  • Chewing Gum is not allowed at REFINERS SCHOOLS.