About Refiners Schools

The name ‘REFINERS’ was couched from Malachi 3:3. Established, on a strong Christian foundation in 2012, we inculcate sound Christian values of Faith, Love, Compassion and Respect. However, we embrace diversity in religion and culture, therefore children from different religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome, respected, and supported. 

At REFINERS, we believe every child is different and we are all unique in our ways and approach. Hence, we adopt a child-centered process in our academic, emotional and physical engagement. As our motto states “Perfecting God’s Will”, we ensure every child is particularly ‘refined’, becoming perfectly and thoroughly furnished and prepared for every “good work” in the immediate community locally and globally.

Why Refiners Schools?

  • We build and re–mould the character of your child morally, socially, spiritually
    and educationally to become ambassadors in the society.
  • Our curriculum is designed to increase students’ understanding of the world around
    them and prepares them to live in the 21st century. We run an enriched combination of the Nigerian and British Curriculum in addition to our organized co – curricular
    activities are all intended to develop the mental, physical and social capacity of the
    child as we prepare them for excellence in local and international examinations.
  • Our environment is conducive, serene, and equipped for 21st century teaching
    – learning experiences.
  • Our school is an all inclusive school, hence “no child is left out”

Why Enrol to Refiners Schools?

  • We believe that education deals with the awakening and nurturing of human potentials
  • Students embark on independent research projects under supervision of teachers to pool critical thinking and practicality in the minds of students.
  • Coding camps to encourage and teach students how to develop applications and programs.
  • Public speaking courses to teach students to form and express their opinions articulately from a young age.
  • Home away from home experience.
  • A conducive learning environment.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
  • Standard facilities.
  • A wide range of co-curricular programs.
  • The competitive spirit.
  • Skilled and well-trained staff.
  • Learning support provided for underachievers.
  • A high code of conduct.